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ARM & Cadence: The Challenge

How could Cadence elevate its importance to ARM and become a trusted partner? In 2005, ARM knew it would be important to the success of their emerging Cortex processor family to offer their customers the fastest design path to optimal processor performance, power and area results by partnering with an EDA supplier. 

The Cadence Alliance Approach 

Under the alliance management and sponsorship of Jan Willis, Cadence built on the engineering success of a joint lower power test chip with ARM to win the opportunity to partner on the Cortex family. Cadence launched an internal Cortex initiative with engineers working collaboratively onsite at ARM. By July 2006, ARM and Cadence announced the first "express" reference design flow for the Cortex-A8,




“Over a period of several years, Jan consistently championed a relationship model between ARM and Cadence which resulted in a balanced investment on both sides, a new level of mutual technical respect and a platform for future collaboration that hadn’t existed before. At first, Cadence was just a vendor, then they were a vendor we referred to our customers, but through Jan’s leadership we developed a rich, deep partnership that ultimately brought additional value to our mutual customers.”

- Warren East, CEO of ARM