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SOI Consortium:  The Challenge

How do you cross the chasm into the mainstream with a revolutionary technology? Soitec, the leading provider of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, achieved initial success in the vertically integrated, high performance computing market. By 2007, Soitec needed support from the disaggregated ecosystem to address broader market segments like consumer products.

The SOI Consortium Approach

In October 2007, the SOI Industry Consortium was launched with 19 charter members under the facilitation of Jan Willis, Calibra. In June 2008, the first ever SOI industry survey communicated a high level of interest in SOI for power savings, an important selling point into consumer markets.  The survey can be found at www.soiconsortium.org.



“Jan injected her experience and passion for industry collaboration into the successful launch of the SOI Industry Consortium in 2007.   She combined creativity with excellent operational detail to support the consortium launch of 19 founding members with minimal resources and time. Her recommendation to establish an industry first SOI user survey was implemented and a powerful market education tool for the consortium was created.”

-Paul Boudre, COO of Soitec