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HIS Initiative: The Challenge

How do you establish a new product category, hardware intrinsic security (HIS)? Intrinsic-ID spun out of Philips in late 2008 and needed to rapidly establish credibility for their revolutionary technology for secret key storage with no marketing staff and limited resources.

The HIS Initiative Approach

Jan Willis, Calibra, was recommended to Intrinsic-ID and developed a go-to-market strategy that elevated their branding to the industry level by creating the HIS Initiative. She led the effort to sign up leading companies such as Cisco, TSMC and NXP to endorse this new product category. She partnered with the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) to produce an industry survey on secret key storage which validated the need for HIS.



“Early stage companies are often challenged by their customers on product claims in terms of performance and reliability. It is important to identify the specific barriers-to-adoption and to address them working with the leaders in the ecosystem. Jan Willis has a gift in doing just that for start-ups. The strong impact of the Hardware Intrinsic Security Initiative (www.hisinitiative.org) is a good demonstration of this unique capability.”

- Daniel Schobben, Founder of Intrinsic-ID