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Silicon Design Chain: The Challenge

In 2003, Cadence Design Systems identified new chip design implementation approaches to reduce low power consumption. How could they gain ecosystem "whole product" support in a highly competitive electronic design automation (EDA) market segment? 

The Silicon Design Chain Approach

The Silicon Design Chain Initiative was launched in the summer of 2003 to address power management at 90nm and below. A silicon-proven methodology was developed and validated with working silicon samples, first at 90nm and then at 65nm. The leading companies worked together across the design chain under Jan Willis' leadership - Applied Materials from the equipment segment, ARM as the intellectual property (IP) supplier, Cadence Design Systems from EDA, and TSMC from the foundry segment.






“I promoted Jan to senior vice president of industry marketing at Cadence because of her passion and track record for building a company’s brand and strategy in collaboration with industry leaders.   She transformed and expanded the Cadence relationship with industry thought leaders such as Applied Materials, ARM and TSMC.   Her ability to understand the semiconductor ecosystem and identify opportunities for companies to successfully collaborate is a unique and much needed skill in today’s global environment.”

- Ray Bingham, former CEO of Cadence